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Orthodox Zionism is undergoing challenge and change. Many issues and opinions have been raised in the public sector that challenge the religious community. Some of the core issues are: the relationship between the nation and democracy, allegiance to the courts and army, the status of women in the Torah world, the relationship to minorities in the land of Israel, the relationship between irreligious Jews and the educational system.

Opinions vary with some claiming that religious Jews today are more radical and others believing there is religious strengthening. Still others believe that the religious community hungers for relevant spiritual leadership - which they believe is lacking today. This causes confusion and strife.

This groundbreaking survey seeks an objective view - yours. The goal is to have tens of thousands of participate in the survey that will give an accurate picture of these different trends and how important they are to the religious community.

The survey is being administered by an objective third party - not affiliated with any party or organization - to assure anonymity, honesty and the integrity of the information collected.

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Rabbi Ronen Neuwirth
Executive Director
Beit Hillel
David Roth
Deputy Chairman
Beit Hillel
Rabbi Meir Nehorai
Beit Hillel

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